Top Animation Studios in India

For some years, the entertainment industry no longer has a single exponent, as several countries have created an empire where they excel in various areas such as film, theater, music, acting among others.

In the film industry there are several branches and today there is one that every day takes more strength and popularity, this is the animation in 2D and 3D. While the production of animated films and short films was a job done by very few, in India has gained great recognition, because the best animation studios in India are responsible for the creation of very popular stories.

Due to the number of professionals in the area of animation found in the country the best animation studios are in India, among them the following stand out:

Maya Entertainment: The company has been founded for more than two decades and is based in Mumbai, and its main function is to offer 2D and 3D animation services, the digital content produced by Maya Entertainment is exclusive for film, television and other projects. for video games, all this at the international level, for the quality and the result of their work Maya Entertainment falls into the category of the best animation studios in India.

Toonz Animation: One of its headquarters is in Kerala, but the main one is in Singapore, its excellent quality of animation makes it one of the top animation studios in India, because it is responsible for the creation of well-known animated stories as they are: Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin, and that is that for 20 years has been devoted not only to the production of animated films but to the preparation of future professionals in the area.

Heart Entertainment Limited: The list of successes of one of the best animation studios in India includes clients such as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, among others, and this company is responsible for the on-screen recreation of the Hercules series, Crippled Lamb and Hysteria. Since 1993 Heart Entertainment Limited has dedicated itself completely to 2D and 3D animation, and currently has one of the most modern 3D animation studios in the industry.

Pentamedia Graphics: We finished the list of the best animation studios in India with Pentamedia Graphics which is one of the oldest companies in this count, and responsible for the successes: Sindbad: Beyond the veils of the fog, Pandavas – Five Warriors, Gulliver’s Travels and many more. Although it has been named since 1992, it offers 2D and 3D animation, visual effects and postproduction services since 1976 when it was named Penta four Software and Exports. Its main headquarters are in Singapore and Manila.

They also own Dream Media, which is a company dedicated to the production of animation for television. His long career and portfolio of clients lead Pentagram Graphics to be part of the best animation studios in India.


Character animation videos – ‘the winning formula’ for business

Back in the days when explainer videos had just begun to make a shift out of America, did you ever wonder what might be that ‘special potion’ or ‘the winning formula’ behind these videos? Well, we did! In fact, after a lot of deconstruction and reconstruction of the concept, we noticed a prevalent pattern that was being followed in these videos.

A lot of these explainer videos were led by a character and, usually started in the same vein, “Meet Billy/Sue/Eddie/ Tyler…. A problem would be presented typically like, “Maggie finds excel spreadsheets boring and time-consuming”, followed by an alluring, flashy statement – “Our product will make you save money/save you time/make you sexier than ever….” etc. So that’s how character animation videos make their way into people’s lives.

Keeping the ‘Americanisms’ aside, what is most interesting here is the relationship the viewer has with the character. But this gives rise to questions like – how do not character and character animation videos compare? How do different types of characters relate to audiences? What ‘feel’ does a character bring to an animation? How is the character responsible for changing the perception of a brand?

It seems like when your character in animation and tune it to the customer’s ‘perceived problem’ (which your product/service is about to solve), a very interesting thing happens. The message that goes out to the client is “Hey prospective client, this is meant to be you”, and this can be dangerous.

One of the best things about character animation videos is that they can be kind of detached, yet an emotive explanation of the product/service. This really works well and is one of the main reasons animation always outweighs corporate videos. With character animation you’re not judging the interviewee on his/her dress sense, the way they walk or talk, or the scene that’s playing in the background, you’re only concentrating on the message that’s being put across instead.

When you bring forth a character that represents the viewer, the audience often personifies them in that character. It’s all about building empathy because after watching the video you’ll surely go for it.

If the viewer can ‘see themselves’ as the character, then the job is done, you can move on to explaining the product/service. Because if the viewer doesn’t like what they see in the character, you’ll know you’re swimming against the current.

Lastly, we think characters animation videos work really well when done in a quintessential tongue in cheek way.

How an animated explainer video help increase conversion rates

Eight to ten seconds! Yes, that’s the time taken by visitors to your website, to convert into potential customers. If you are wondering why your website has a very slow conversion rate, then this article is all for you! You may have invested in a very good web designing company and may have used excellent graphics yet you are distressed to see the visiting minute of your website is below average. On the top of it, you have no idea what is it that is stopping your potential visitors to turn into customers. Well then, maybe your website lacks a good explainer video. If we keep it in a better way, an animated explainer video! Many companies use animated corporate explainer videos as their marketing tool and that is all which works in their favor. Let us now look into the benefits and the role that animated explainer video plays in increasing the conversion rate of your website.


According to a proven fact, the human mind retains more what it sees than what it reads. Also, animated explainer videos are more appealing to the visitors and they actually prefer watching videos than reading the long technical detail of your product on your website. So, if visitors prefer watching videos, so why not prefer investing in an animated explainer video service for your product? More visitors meaning more conversion rates, hence more profits.


We all love simplicity in almost everything. It makes our life easier. And when it comes to simplification of technicalities, everyone would, of course, love it. ‘Simplifying complexities’ is one of the features of an animated explainer video. In about 1-2 minutes, a corporate explainer video conveys a lot more than lines and lines in web pages. Use of appealing graphics and cute characters, make things easier for the human mind and ensures effortless understanding of the product and thereby greater chance of increasing conversion rates.


Animated explainer videos use graphics plus text. It helps communicate better as compared to only text. Also, an animated explainer video has a greater persuasive power towards your product. Greater persuasion means a greater chance to increase conversion rates. Hence one needs no better reason than this to invest in an animated marketing video.


Yes, humor content! As much as it is important in our daily life, the same goes when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. The puns and the jargons used in the animated explainer video to explain the details of the service or product induces humor among the audience and thereby releasing what we called “happy hormones”. These hormones are responsible for making understanding better. And a better understanding means a better chance of increasing conversion rates.


Animated explainer videos, with its vibrant feature, has the capacity to grab the focus of the visitors in one go. And if the video has appealed the visitor, they are more likely to share it on various social media platforms thereby increasing the chance of the corporate explainer video going viral. And if that happens, you are on the plus side. Your video reaches the visitors and turns them into potential customers, which is exactly what you need!

By now you must be well acquainted with the effect that an animated explainer video has on increasing the conversion rates. And you must be surprised to know, how a simple 1-2 minutes video can affect your business drastically. Your ‘only’ visitors can now turn into potential customers. You just have to invest in a good animation video service and watch a steady increase in your conversion rates while you sit back and enjoy your coffee.

5 Reasons Why Animation is Compelling to Younger Viewers

How important is it for you to capture the attention of the target audiences with relevant advertisements? Not so much, or your business depends upon it? I’m pretty sure it’s the second option, isn’t it? Static style of advertisements has been good enough, however since animation has been re-introduced in the market, animated videos offer exciting and effective ways to reap customers attention amongst the target audience of your brand/product.

There are several animation companies, animation studios, motion graphics companies and graphic designing companies that have come up with a smart move to do business with the brands who have mostly younger viewers as their target audience. Why? Animation, irrespective of being 2D or 3D animation, has a very influential and long-lasting impression on the younger viewers.

Still wondering why is it that animation is so highly recommended for the younger target audience? Well, here’s why…


Have you ever compared static advertisements with animated advertisements? If yes, what was the conclusion you derived? Was it animated ads? Of course, it was! After all, animated ads are much more unique, interactive, compelling and hold more chance at grabbing your audiences’ attention. Animation advertising is an appealing way to communicate your brand because it allows you to create 3D character animation and/or motion graphics videos and magnets the viewer, whilst allowing you to give them a positive impression of your brand.


Rather than just reading words or viewing a single picture, your audience will be drawn into the world of 3D character animation. Brilliant character design, corporate presentations, motion graphics design, well-designed worlds, and the right amount of movement and action will create a story around your brand that your audience will enjoy watching. The more fun the corporate presentation, animated video, motion graphics video is, the more fun they’ll have to watch these videos (which are not static).


What is the goal of your company’s marketing team? To communicate the company’s message to the consumer, right? Static advertisements have chosen to follow the trend of short clip-like ads, which is not an efficient option to go after. Less engaging and more complex advertisements can be problematic to convey your message smartly and quickly, without the message being lost. Whereas, animated advertisements confirm the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” true. Because animation relies on characters and pictures to convey the message, not words.


If I ask you, what is it that the younger audience is drawn towards, what will be the first thing that pops in your head? Style? Modernity? You got that right! The youth or the younger audience is very much drawn towards everything that is trending, fashionably attractive or impressive. The reason behind the younger audience being so drawn towards animated ads is the elements it holds, such as motion graphics video, 3D animation video, 3D character animation, corporate presentations and what not. They reflect more precisely the type of medium with which younger addressees are familiar and comfortable.


The agenda of every marketer or advertiser is to build a brand image at such levels of excellence that the product/brand is persistently stuck in the mind of audiences. Animated advertisements tend to accomplish the goal of being engaging and easy to understand more effectively, in comparison to static advertisements. As a result, an animation and designing studio like Pitchworx can provide the expertise and material you need to create an advertisement that will communicate your brand in an unforgettable way to the younger crowds.

Now you know all that there is to know about the marketing technique and which product calls for what kind of target audience. What are you still here for? GO! enhance that business of yours by exploring animation, graphics, motion graphics, corporate presentations and a lot of other options waiting to help you grow your brand.

The Power of SMO (Social Media Optimisation)

We live in an age where social media presence is more important than being present in real-life social situations. It makes sense too because, in real life, you can’t choose certain attributes of your life; your looks, your family, the circumstances of your upbringing, etc.

In social media, though, you can be anything or anyone you want. You can customise your persona to your liking and be a better and improved version of yourself. The same applies to organizations, all over the world. A company’ social media image is of extreme importance. It matters, to businesses, how they come across to customers and the general public, in the larger online spectrum.

You can create a unique identity, a distinct virtual persona, with the help of social media, especially, social networking sites and applications. It’s no surprise then, that SMO (Social Media Optimisation), has become significant, for the better part of the last decade.

It’s impossible not to consider the public preference for user-generated content, third-party reviews, and consumer testimonials. It’s easier than ever, for the public, to assess and scrutinize, a company’s goods, services, and brand image, on social networking sites. Public opinion can make or break a brand and social media presents a potent outlet for this.

Social Media Optimisation efforts are related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). They both seek to make, brands they represent, relevant and increase their online visibility. Optimising will, ideally, involve increasing a brand’s ranking on search engines and social media websites.

SMO, also fulfills a dual responsibility, along with improved rankings, that of reputation management. Organisations are known to announce, denounce and inform, about their business decisions and actions, via. their social media platforms. It is important that they employ effective SMO strategies so that these proclamations don’t offend anyone or have any other negative connotations.

Typically, SMO strategies require you to post interesting content that will engage users like, blogs, visuals, illustrations, forum posts and any number of other attractive content. The absolute main objective of SMO is to build a brand’s image. Companies have social media profiles and accounts, like anyone else, and through them, they share content with the general public.

People who relate to or identify with the shared content start to ‘follow’ the brand’s various social media accounts and encourage other people to do that as well. This is actually the best way to increase brand loyalty. Companies can build great relationships with consumers, through SMO, while incorporating intelligent marketing techniques.

SMO is a powerful marketing and promotion tool. It is also an excellent channel for a brand’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaigns. They can easily reach out and give back to society, through their social media platforms. Brands can make a social impact and generate positive emotions, in regards to their goods, services or solutions.

SMO has unlimited potential. Effective SMO has the power to create and maintain a company’s image and should only be managed by experienced and resourceful personnel, for maximum benefit, because it can make or break a company’s reputation.

What does a pitch video do for business?

The world today is fiercely competitive. It becomes very important for every business to remain unique. Think of it, when you pitch your idea to a client, there are dozens of other competitors ready with their pitches. And more or less their offering is going to be the same. Who would the client give his/her business to? The potential service provider who impressed him/her the most.

RFI, RFQ and RFP – the process

That impression building starts right from the RFI (Request for Information) you send to the client. It’s natural that you would want to pack the RFI with lots of data and information on your company’s past achievements. How about packing the PPT with a pitch video? For e.g.; if your company is into electronic surveillance, then along the PPT which you usually send as an RFI, you can send a pitch video done in animation. You can put in images of all the dynamic work you have done for other clients and see the difference for yourself.

PowerPoint presentation from other competitors must be already at the doorstep of your competitors but they will surely be impressed with a pitch video about a business which subconsciously gives you more credit.

Now the stage is set, you have got a positive response to the RFI and you know what the client is expecting. Time now to prepare another PPT and, this time, it’s an RFQ (Request for Quote).

A pitch video that tells what you can do for your clients with some snippets of your innovative ideas in it, it’s sure is a step higher in the impression ladder.

Now comes the part where quite impressed with your quotation the client asks you to submit a proposal. Here’s when you send out another RFP (Request for Proposal) which consists of your proposal of the solution that will help the client to improve their revenues. Every business aims to “transform” and when you give ideas to the customers which improve his sales from top line to bottom line, then he/she will consider you above the rest.

Then comes Client Visit

After the client has finally been impressed by your proposal, it’s time he/she will make a visit to you. To win a customer, here you can again make another presentation that talks about your products, services and your track record. Try and create a synopsis and highlight your strengths. Be a little different and include the challenges that might arise. Everyone talks about ‘how good they are’. You can put a list of challenges which might come during the execution of the project. Show all these with an animated pitch video and give plenty of time to the customer to speak.

However, you should never forget that client will also visit your competitor before signing the deal with you, they will have at least 5 quotations at their desk. So, to be that company that bags the business, then think, act, and approach differently. And an amazing pitch video is a very beneficial tool that’ll help you win the coveted deal.

Create buzz for your brand, try animated explainer video

From marketers to business owners, everyone’s following the cool trend of making animated explainer videos for their brands. And why not? With the multiple benefits these videos provide, it’s come up as the best marketing tool in the online market. Gone are the days when making a marketing video required a huge budget and endless amount of time. These days not just big companies but even startups and medium budget businesses are also creating a whole lot of buzz with explainer videos.


Let’s just say that animated explainer videos do the job of popularizing your product or brand in the most engaging and entertaining way possible. A viewer who’s watching one is entertained at the same time getting informed about a product without being bored by reading an endless amount of text.


Still not too sure whether an explainer video is capable of generating the right buzz for your brand?

What is brand awareness? It simply means making people aware of a brand whenever or wherever they see your brand name or logo. Did you know different colors associate differently with brands and that’s how it gets stored in people’s minds? Using different color schemes for your explainer videos actually helps not only in brand recognition but the color combination gets associated with your brand. Don’t we all associate red and black with Coca-Cola?


You are making the explainer video, but for whom? For the audience right? Engage them in a way, win their trust and make them your loyalists. Don’t put information about your features directly on their faces, rather talk about them in a demure fashion. Pull out animated characters who are representatives of the audience. They’ll feel it’s them, their problems that they are seeing on screen. In short, the audience starts empathizing with your brand by watching your explainer videos.


The only way to get the undivided attention of the audience is by telling a story. It starts by writing a good script with characters who narrate the story. This is the most compelling way of engaging an audience. The story should revolve around the problems of the potential customers and by the end of the video, your brand should emerge as the hero or as a savior.


Pick the right characters for you animated videos that are fun and lively. Boring characters can do serious damage when it comes to branding as it makes the video dull with no life. Lively characters are quick in capturing attention as opposed to the ones that are boring. But the quality of the video is something that cannot be compromised with. Brand engagement and loyalty comes with explainer videos that are one of its kinds and have their own niche.


With Animated explainer video being in a rage, still, if you’re new and your business is new to this amazing concept then simply follow these few simple guidelines and ready to make it big and win brand recognition in no time.