7 Ways to make your presentation more expressive

Did you know corporate business presentations which are expressive are likely to receive more attention from clients than those which are overloaded with information? Well yes, it’s a fact. You probably must be wondering from where this expressive comes! Don’t worry we are here to help. Listed below are some easy to use tips to make your clients go head over heels for your service or product.


Let’s face it – Clients are not there to see how much content each of your slides hold. Rather they would be happy to know what is it that you offer them, how you work and how that work stand out from the rest of the presentation design companies. So, skip out the unnecessary information and focus on the services you offer.


Supplement your content with an appropriate title. Keep the title short, usually between 1-3 words. Review it to see if it matches with your content. Remember within a few minutes you must explain everything the clients need to know. A good title, in that case could be of great help. It would help grab the attention and make them remember the point, that your slide makes.


Proper use of fonts can make your presentation worth the attention of your client. Human mind tends to remember facts that are pleasing to the visual senses. So, choose your font wisely. Also, don’t forget that the size of the font in your laptop and the projector may vary slightly. Therefore, make sure that your font size is large enough so that the person at the other end of the room read it without any extra effort.


To make your slides easily readable, your text and the background should be highly contrasting. Sometimes best presentation designs tend to lose client’s attention just because of the inappropriate contrast. So, choose the best contrast that is visually appealing, impressive as well as that makes the slides compelling to read for the clients.


Say goodbye to those in-stock images! Instead, use professional quality images. Remember not to use cheesy images that would fetch negative impression. Multiple images in a single slide might take away all the focus to themselves. Therefore, try using single and relevant images. Many corporate presentation firms lose clients despite their good content. So, research images well on Google, buy them and use them. Some websites even provide free images. Utilize them to your advantage and you are done with a more professional looking presentation.


In anxiety to impress their clients many business presentation firms use too much of everything. It makes the presentation cluttered. For example, colors look good but too much usage might turn a well-organized presentation into a blunder. So, best is to keep things simple. A clear font, a visible font size, a contrasting background, less numbering and bullets, a suitable template and there you go!


Let’s dive into the realm of psychology! The way things end, gets engraved in the human mind in a better than how things start. Well, a wise conclusion can prove to be a boon for a corporate presentation. Carve out your conclusion such that the clients go home having imprinted your presentation concept in their minds. End it with a short summary of all your slides, give a positive outlook and the client is all yours!

These are some of the best presentation designs followed in corporate presentations. Use these to add glow to your presentation. And keep exploring more! The more you explore the better you learn. Be in tune with the clients. Be conversational and casual yet not so much that you lose the professional shell of your presentation. All the best!

Milestones in 2D character animation: a complete guide

The animation industry is a colossal world which rests on skills that are alike in basic structure yet consists of diverse ways to achieve the same dream. The dream of turning fantasy into reality! Speaking of which in our last article A Journey through Traditional Animation we touched upon a few milestones we meet along this amazing journey. Well, let’s take the ride to the finish in this one.

So, here are a few more landmarks 2D animation studio close in to reach the finish line.

After the completion of the designing of the storyboard, layout is basically the listing of different shots to be presented in the scenes. The animation team here decides on the camera angles, shading of the scene, lighting etc. This helps in conceptualizing poses of the characters in the scene and each pose is visualized in a drawing. The storyboard and these drawings are then incorporated with the audio and by the end of it an animation is formed.

This is the point where the real action begins. It kick starts with by drawing sequences of animation on sheets of transparent paper one picture or frame at a time using colored pencils. The lead animator draws the major drawings in a scene using the character layout as reference. Not the entire animation but his job is to draw the major portions of the action.

Timing here plays an important role in the lives of animators as each frame must exactly coincide with the soundtrack being played the time when the frame appears on the screen. Usually, a pencil test is carried out by the captain of the ship, which is like a prep version of the final animation. These pencil drawings are captured in photos, scanned and synced with the music track. The remaining scenes and detailing is done by a bunch of assistant animators.

Once the key animation is finalized, the clean-up department takes a lead. This department is in charge of taking the drawings on new sheets and take care of all the details present on the original model sheets to make it look like a single person animated the entire film. In between will fill in frames missing in-between drawings by other animators. This process is called twining.

After done with the cleaning up process, all the drawings are photographed on an animation camera normally on black and white film stock. Video cameras and computer software usually carry out pencil tests these days.

While the whole animation is being done, background artists paint the backgrounds on to be portrayed in the scene. Generally, acrylic paint and gouache is used for the purpose. Careful detailing is required as the backgrounds have to be in harmony with the tone of designed characters.

2D character animation is no doubt a time-consuming art form. But the result of handwork and intricate detailing in each stage never fails to really bring dreams to life. And we can truly say that yes, in the world of animation fantasy does merge with reality.

Ways to effectively destroy your presentation!

Delivering the right kind of content to the audience requires a synergy of crystal clear thinking and concise communications. In a business environment, everything you put forth should be in a format that is both engaging and easy to grasp. While delivering a presentation, certain things are to be kept in mind, lest you want your presentation to fail its desired purpose.

What not to do/things to be avoided in a presentation:

1. Reading from your slides

Perhaps the biggest faux pas is directly reading from slides without adding information. It should be kept in mind that presentation slides serve the purpose of visually highlighting information. Your contribution should supplement the information that is already mentioned on the slides. Instead of reading from the slides, you should elaborate on the slide’s gist by adding additional information.

2. Speaking in a monotone
Keeping your audience engaged is the most arduous task as a presenter. In order to assure that, you must vary your tone to convey similar enthusiasm. Speaking in a tone for the entire duration of the presentation should be avoided at all costs. To combat this, you should try to engage your audience in a conversational style. You can do this by pretending that you’re chatting with just one person. Irrespective of whether your subject matter is dry and lifeless, maintaining an upbeat tone would help ensure that the onlookers get your drift.
Not everything dark thing is charming! The same applies while you’re designing the background screen to your presentation. While some dark shades might pass off as “attaboy”, a majority of them actually end up tarnishing the impact, because of legibility issues.
The problem with dark backgrounds is two-fold: the primary being that it makes things inconsistent. The other reason is that it makes your slides harder to read when it is being displayed to a larger audience on a projector.
4. Stuffing of information
Cramming an hour’s worth of written material into a 15 minute presentation is most likely to leave your audience both confused and exhausted. It is therefore advised to focus your presentation around the one big idea that you want to relay to the audience. In order to stress upon that, you can have support points that strike a chord with the target group.
Comic Sans and similar fonts that are more likely to recreate an animated show format, are to be avoided while delivering a business presentation./

How mickey mouse came to our lives with 2D character animation

We’ve grown up watching lovable cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Popeye the Sailor Man on TV! They were live characters, who talked and moved and interacted with us. But how many of us actually tried to push the envelope and explore the science behind those characters in those pure days?
How did they come to life? How were they so like us, they talked and walked and did what we do yet looked so different? For all those curious minds and every interested soul out there, 2D animation brought these characters to live.  Yes, several hours have gone into developing and spawning those unforgettable animated cartoon characters using 2D character animation.
Objects move and transform on screen in a two dimension set-up in 2D animation. It can be done by creating images applying traditional celluloid or in present times by using computerized animation soft wares. Back-to-back images are put in a sequence or “frames” creating the illusion of movement when each image comes after the next in gradual advancement of steps. Generally, these images are shown at the 24 frames per second or even faster for “befool” the eye into perceiving motion. A 2D character animation video or characters are created using this principle.
Never start drawing images without a clear plan in mind. Never!
Convey a clear message to your audience. Never leave them in doubt.
A good story is the backbone of animation. Even the best of tools and techniques goes for a toss without a backup of a strong storyboard.
A good understanding of motion principles, good drawing or pictures, and a good animation software.
What software to use for 2D animation
An animation software adds action and movement to fixed objects. Images that are vector drawn or bit mapped are mainly used by most of the soft wares.
Some of the leading Softwares around are:
Photoshop – Animation window may be hidden by default in Photoshop. So simply, click on the menu bar on top, go to Window Animation the animation panel can be seen.
Keep a few points in mind when you’re looking for a 2D Character Animation Software
An animation software should be easy to use and should consist of all necessary tools and provide solutions to all the queries that may arise while doing a project. Unless it’s packed with some other add-on facilities you may want to stick to, you might as well pass over the software devoid of necessary features.
A program with more features for all the independent, tech-savvy animators is preferred to others, not at par with it. Functionality and easy-to-use features go well with the pickiest lot.
When you’re doing animation exchange of files and saving of projects are things that happen regularly. Keep in mind that you don’t get a hard time doing this in the software of your choice. Options to import various types of files and saving of files in other file formats are featured to keep a keen eye on.
As it is animation is a time consuming, intricate process that requires a lot of detailing. An animation software should be easy-to-use for small changes regularly done in the whole animation process.
The right software will make your landing in the field of 2D character animation an easy and smooth ride! Have fun and explore this unique world with oodles of confidence to perhaps create beloved, memorable characters! And be with us for our next post on different types of 2D animation!

Know How Important Storyboarding is for Your Explainer Video

Whether you are a creating an animated explainer video, corporate business video or simply a demo video, the first thing you need is a concrete planning. And why just in videos? Do we not need planning in our daily activities as well? This is what storyboard sketches do in video creations. Storyboard sketches are nothing but a scene by scene representation of your final video. Storyboard drawings or sketches (as you may like to call) start after the scripting stage is finally approved by the client. So, sketch out your storyboard carefully to make your video production process, a breeze. Keep reading further to know why you need a good storyboard for animation.


Now that you have a detailed plan in your hand, you can decide whether your idea would work. Also, storyboard sketches would help you carve a better way if you think the idea is not good enough to work out. When you have, the whole plan sketched out, it would be a lot easier to find out what is lacking or which scene requires reworking. So, it would be better to get a concrete knowledge on how to draw storyboards, sketch it out and you are thus good to go!


Although it would cost you a little extra time at the storyboarding stage but trust us you won’t regret it later. That extra time that you spent in animated storyboards, would simplify the rest of the process. You will now have a clear-cut idea of what your video would comprise of. You will no longer waste your precious time during the production process pondering about the scenes in the explainer video. Everything is just planned and sketched out. Now you have your final video in your mind. All you need to do is start working towards that plan and achieve your goal towards your final video. So, are you now ready for a solid storyboard drawing?


When you are working on any project, it’s very important to pay attention on the budget. Carving out a storyboard sketch would give you an idea about which part of the video would require greater part of the budget. This would work in both yours as well as the client’s favor. Prior approval of the budget from your client would help build a healthy relationship between you and them. When the budget is placed in front of the client, he gets an idea about the money he will have to spend on your company. It would also help him make changes accordingly. And this is possible only if you are fully aware in advance about the flow of the video. And this is where storyboard sketches step in!


When everything is set up already, wouldn’t production process become easier? You would save yourself from the hassle of moving to and for between planning and production. With a scene by scene set up of the video done already, you are half way through your production process. If not half way, then at least you have a well-planned storyboard sketch in front of you, to move further. And this way, your entire production process becomes smooth.


You cannot be abstract while explaining your ideas to someone. Same goes while explaining your ideas with your team members. To start your production process, you first need to explain your vision to your animation team. And you may get stuck while explaining something which is not visual. In that case, the storyboard sketch does the work for you! It would explain your team as well as your client, the entire vision of the project, i.e. how you want to start, what images/graphics you want to put up, and finally how you want the video to end.

Storyboard sketches, at first might seem like an extra step, yet you cannot afford to avoid it. With time, it has also become an integral part of the animation process. So, if you haven’t started a storyboard in animation or have no idea about how to draw storyboards, you might be missing something. Take a step forward by incorporating storyboard sketches in your production process and watch the graph of your business, go upwards.

Make that Perfect 2D Animated Video with the Right Animation Studio

Animation as a technology is touching lives rapidly with no signs of stopping. Lives of students, entrepreneurs, business tycoons and every other person in the world uses and benefits from it. It’s a technology-based world that’s evolving real quickly. In this varied world, 2D and 3D technology is changing the meaning of visualization and virtual entertainment completely. I mean who doesn’t get tempted seeing a TV show or a modern game that’s abundant with rich and high quality of animation.
Today, smart business people also know that to woo, entertain potential clients boring presentation is going to take them no where. So, what do they do? Create animation videos with their intended message and colorful graphics to build brand recognition. 2D animation studios are responsible for making videos that are high in demand and captivating. So, making sure to select the right production company becomes crucial. As your video is a reflection of your brand, and a great way to make the right impression on the potential customers, compromise on quality is like half-baked cake. So, how do you finalize which studio you want to work with? Before, taking that final call. it’s important you do a research on the options you have. Evaluate previous videos made by the studio, is their work visually ace? Do their videos tell a great story? How is the music selection in the videos? Keep a few factors in mind when you’re comparing different animation studio:
An explainer video is made to build a bond between a brand and the viewer, and a good storyline acts a medium to achieve this. Humor also plays a vital role, although in cases formality is needed. Pay attention to all these details as you watch a company’s video, you’ll know story is good if the underlying message comes across properly.
It’s all about the video! One that’s full of perplexing graphics is of no use. Same goes with the overall design; the sketches should be original and pleasing. And if you’re video is being made in motion graphic then drawings need to be modern and attractive. The video as a marketing tool is a part of the entire marketing campaign, always look out for the studio’s logo, brand or website.
Done by a professional speaker with a proper command of tone and genre, based on the requirement in the video. Customer service and communication Many studios produce good quality videos at affordable prices, but they don’t pay attention to customer service. Before working together, it becomes important establish an open dialogue and get good customer service that helps in producing a good video. Active participation of the client at every stage of production brings out the best result in the end. Well, that’s not all. Incorporating an animated explainer video into a business’ marketing strategy can be a drawn-out task but a studio does all the heavy-lifting for you. All you need to do is stay with us for our next article where we talk about some more points to keep in mind when you’re in search of a studio to make a 2D animation video for you!

5 Predictions for animated marketing videos in 2017

Explainer video should be a part of your next marketing strategy as it’s reach is kickass. There’s no way you can engage website visitors better and increase click-through rates.

Because of their growing popularity in digital marketing campaigns, the future of these videos look bright. But just putting a lot of creativity in video creation is not enough. The world of digital marketing is demanding in terms of freshness and changes in the way the videos are marketed.

Based on this, we’ve made the following predictions for you to keep in mind be churn out the best explainer videos in the year 2017.

1. Whiteboard animation is no more popular:

Whiteboard animation was once a very popular, with it is innovativeness and freshness lent to regular Explainer video. The whole idea of a blank whiteboard transforming, growing and evolving into a fully formed product was fascinating and unique. But then, every innovation has a shelf-life. Like any other trend, everybody started doing whiteboard animation. There’s always a caution that comes with this style. If it’s a badly done one then it can cost a lot to your brand and product. And to be truthful, viewers are tired and there’s no single viral whiteboard explainer video that has gone viral recently… let’s hope we see them rise again.

2. 3D – The new way to go:

The future of animation looks capsuled in 3D. Due to the rise in demand in explainer video services, 3D has become both better looking and affordable than ever before. Some of the business concepts only look good in 3D than others. 3D animation helps you create a lifelike prototype of your vision. It’s strength lies in how throughout the video you’ll see every object interacts with others just like it would in real life. Any product can come alive with 3D animation. This gives a preview to the viewers what the product is all about before it exists in real life.

3. Make changes in a video based on different platforms:

It’s not a good idea to create a single video and use it across all online platforms. Here’s why… users are served in different ways in each of these online platform. For instance, on your website, your best explainer video can be 60-120 seconds, or even more. But when we talk about a more popular online platform like Facebook, the focus of the user is not constricted to your video alone, but on a 10 different things on his feed. So, to maximise your video’s effectiveness, tailor it to platform it’s showcased on. Some explainer video companies understand well and hence create short and sweet videos for various online platforms. These short videos immediately convey the core message to their audiences.

4. Mobile-friendly design:

Today most of the online viewers are using mobile devices. So, while creating an animated explainer video, this has to be taken into account. You may have an engaging, informative video, but if it fails to create the same impression on the smartphone, you have lost a major chunk of audience! For the mobile version, The text of the video needs to be big, bold, and to the point. Text heavy video do not work at all, each screen of text should have 3 to 5 words arranged in a clear way.

5. Use elements from your video in other campaigns:

If you have created an animation explainer video with a character that represents your brand, you can also use the same for other marketing campaigns to get as much value out of it as possible. The mascot can be used for presentations, and other marketing collaterals. This will greatly help your customers identify your brand easily and it’s campaigns.

To sum up we can say that you should definitely incorporate animated marketing videos to your upcoming marketing strategy in 2017. PitchWorx specializes in producing high converting explainer videos for business and help you cut through the clutter.