9 Business Presentation Tools That You Should Check Out

‘Microsoft PowerPoint’- that’s the name hits your mind, when your boss asks you to make a corporate presentation to a client. MS PowerPoint is no doubt a worthy presentation software, yet with the advancement of the corporate world, you need to think beyond simple PowerPoint slides. Let us now see what presentation design companies have to offer you, to make your presentation a wow.


If you are a job seeker or a start-up company, then Pitcherific should be one of your top choices. It offers you a variety of templates particularly designed for pitching investors. All you need to do is, choose a template, specify how long your pitch is and get started. The best part is that it offers you rehearsing platform until you are perfect with your presentation. Just click “Practice” and practice until you are confident enough to deliver the final one.


A cloud-based business presentation tool which follows “no techno design” trend. From creating infographics, presentations to reports resume product ads or even banners you can do it all. It comes packed with beautiful slides layouts that help you make your presentation design look better. Visme is free for the first three projects and then it’s $7 a month. The best part is that once you are done with your presentation, you have the option to either present it online or you may download and copy paste on PowerPoint and then present it. You can also share it on social media or online as an URL.


It is another cloud-based business presentation tool which comes packed with professional looking designed templates plus engaging images and videos. On Prezi, rather than moving slide by slide, you get to interact with the various elements on a virtual canvas thereby making it more interactive and memorable for the audience. So what are you waiting for? Make your presentation a “wow” by investing in a good presentation design company.


Free to use, audience-centric than a consumer or a commercial-centric, Slide Share offers a slide sharing platform for the global community. The social media option available allows you to like, comment, share as well as a profile view. It also gives you the option of inserting their files in blogs, websites as well as share on a various social media platform. So if you are looking for a large audience, then go to Slide Share. Also if you are looking for good presentation design ideas, then Slide Share’s platform is for you.


A cloud-based, robust presentation tool which allows users to create, share and edit their work with anyone even when there is no internet connection. It comes packed with varieties of free presentation themes which sparkle up your presentation. Best part? Changes are saved on its own. You can even see the older versions date wise along with the one who made the changes.


If you want to share your PowerPoint slides, then you definitely need to check out author stream. It allows social media sharing, both public and private with password protection so that only those you want, can view it. It is also a video presentation maker that converts your PowerPoint slides into videos so that you can upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.


All I can say about this software that it can make your work easy. You simply need to choose your images and Video Scribe will create whiteboard style animation videos with no design or a technical know how. This video presentation maker is available on a seven-day free trial. So go check out Video Scribe and start creating outstanding corporate presentations.


A video presentation maker that re-creates ‘high end’ lives presentations by combining slides and videos. With Zentation, you can create a virtual presentation in just three steps. You just need to upload the video of the presenter and upload the PowerPoint presentation and finally sync both files. That’s all you need to do.


Compatible only with iOS or Mac devices, this software comes packed with its own set of Photoshop elements such as “image palettes” to make your presentation a memorable one. The best part of this software is that you can access your presentation anywhere i.e. on any Mac or PC browser. The only thing you need to do is, just sign in to iCloud.com, open Keynote and get started with your work.

By this time you must be well versed about the alternatives that we have other than Microsoft PowerPoint. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a good presentation design company, create your engaging corporate presentation and win over your clients!


Why Whiteboard Animation is a Good News for Your Business

Remember when in school, how easy it was to remember something when the teacher drew it on the board? Well, whiteboard video company can do the same thing for you. It’s a sure thing that using whiteboard animation can be a lot more intimidating to the visitors of your website than using bold texts describing what you do. The short, crisp and creative feature of whiteboard animation video is compelling enough for the audience to pay effortless attention and understand what you want them to. Some explainer video companies provide whiteboard video animation services that can be a great marketing tool. Slide usage is gradually decreasing with the emergence of video animation. And that has positively affected their business. Let us now see what makes whiteboard video animation so unique as compared to other types of a marketing tool.

Not that whiteboard animation videos come free of cost, yet as compared to other forms of animated explainer videos, they are cheap. It is because they are charged on per minute basis. You can spend on whiteboard animation on two conditions: if you are working on a very tight budget and are producing a series of “how to” videos. With its simple and expressive feature, stepping into a whiteboard video animation company is something you are never going to regret!

As compared to conventional explainer videos, whiteboard animated videos take less time in production. Especially if you are working on a tight deadline, whiteboard animation can be of great help! With its simplicity, whiteboard video animation takes much less time to come to life.

Psychology says human mind retains visual information more accurately than in a textual form. And voila! Do we need any other reason to invest in a whiteboard video company? It creates interest among the audience and as a matter of fact, our minds are wired in such a way that it can grasp anything that is simple, interesting and engaging. So why not go for a whiteboard video animation this time to market your business?

When there is a necessity to incorporate lots of graphs, charts, and figures along with the facts, the conventional video keeps swinging between facts and figures. And sometimes it disrupts the entire message the video wants to convey. This is not the case with whiteboard video animation. It has the ability to convey both facts and figures simultaneously with ease.

Who wants to spend hours and hours in a presentation or a nice write up on your website? And if you remember your Physics classes in school, weren’t they more easily comprehensible if the teacher explained them by drawing on the whiteboards? Same goes with whiteboard animations. With simultaneous drawing and narration, it becomes more explanatory for the audience. With clear vision about your product or service, you are more likely to gain your client’s favor.

This is also one of the features that make whiteboard video animation unique from other explainer video types. You can use real or any photographic image. It can give additional weight age to your explainer video. Although such images can comprise of only 10% to 15% of the entire video, yet it’s surely going to work in your favor especially if it’s a product that you are pitching about.

Do you want your viewers to turn into customers? Well, here is the trick. Use a whiteboard animated video on the first page of your website. Make sure it’s simple, fun and most importantly, it clarifies your product or service and your purpose of creating the video. This simple trick can do the trick and soon you’ll be pleased to see the graph of your conversion rate move upwards.

So, are you now ready to use whiteboard animation as a new marketing tool? I suppose yes! It’s fun to watch as well as informative, which is exactly what goes well with the needs of the customers. So, if you are looking for something that would give a new life to your business, you should definitely think about whiteboard animation video. You just need to contact a whiteboard video company and you are already half way through the best explainer video that your business needs.

Process of Making Explainer Videos for your Startups

Our handcrafted animated explainer videos which have the potential to explain almost anything and everything are created following 7 tried and tested steps process that starts with briefing or a kick of meeting as we like to call it, writing a script, creating a storyboard, recording voice-over, graphics creation, animation and lastly adding of background music.

Kick off meeting

It all begins with the first step. A” making connection” time with the client. A stage to “nail” that big idea!

Pen a story

The script is the base on which the video stands. Call it the “backbone” or the “essence” of the video, once you master this part, things get a lot easier.

Sketch up

It is in the hands of our in-house talented artists to give a complete picture of each shot, starting to give the video life!


This one’s a no-brainer! You won’t know him. He is the voice who does the actual “explaining” in the video.


The final images and actions are ready to be designed now. Imaginations run wild at this stage when we design illustrations based on storyboards.


Let the magic begin. We know, it takes about 5 steps before we get to the real deal. But this is where all the elements come together to create an alluring video.

Background music

Once the video is approved, finally music and background scores are added. The last lap before the baby we create is delivered finally to the client.

8 Rules for animated explainer videos of all styles

Animated explainer videos are the flavor of the season in the business world today. To put it in simple words, these videos are made by an operator, usually in animated form and used for marketing of a brand, product or service. Animated explainer videos serve to be very economical and effective and are always the best option in regard to marketing.


Going for a professional explainer video maker always helps the marketing aspect of a company and adds to the marketing aspect of a company but this should be done only after careful examination of the kinds of videos produced previously by the video maker and if they are actually good and serve the purpose of marketing. You know what doesn’t catch attention from the audience? Bad explainer videos resulting reduced publicity and decreased revenues.

What is the reason for this?

A few crucial mistakes which should always be kept in check while creating an explainer video for your business. Therefore, to avoid those mistakes always remember these 8 rules while creating an animated explainer video:


Script: The most important aspect of the video is this. The scriptwriter who writes the script understands the elements of storytelling and has the ability to visualize the flow of a story. For this, you’ll need to take help of a professional.


Voice Over: The voice-over is a very important facet of animated explainer video production. It’s the process where an appropriate voice that’s fluent and intonation perfect is used to create a great impact on the viewers. This can majorly help in the marketing process.


Research: Always ensure that complete research is done regarding the service to be marketed. This research is necessary as it will help incorporate useful things in the video later. Also, if a similar kind of service is available in the market, doing a bit of research there helps find its flaws and showcase why the respective service is better than the existing one.


Audience: The primary purpose of the animated explainer video should be to serve the right audience. It isn’t necessary to please everyone because it often arises the situation of “neither here”, “nor there”. So targeting the right audience is critical.


Duration: Getting caught up with the time limit of the explainer video is not a good move. Although it is rightly said that shorter is always better. But, if the video falls short to incorporate all useful information, the duration of the video is bound to increase and a suitable video is created.


Placement: Correct placing of the video is important. One of the most common mistakes done by companies is that they place the animated explainer video on the ‘About Us’ page rather than their home page. The video should catch the viewer’s eye as soon as they land on your website and hence, it should be placed on the homepage.


Planning: Proper planning cannot be ruled out. Aspects of placing of the video, content of the video, the budget of the video, right audience and so on, everything has to be planned well in advance before releasing the video.


Testing: You know what’s also important? Effective testing of the video. By this we mean, testing audio and video separately before releasing it. If it sounds and looks efficient, only then it’s ready for release.


Therefore, these 8 rules should enough consideration when an animated explainer video is made.


Any kind of mistake or shortcoming may have a major impact on the overall effect of the video on the marketing of the service or product of your company.

5 Must-have inspirational art books for all creative animators

It’s inspiration time! If you’re a creative and have a curious bend on the world of animation then start your new year with a bookshelf that’s jammed with inspiration, from amazing animation to movie concepts art masterpieces to comic genius. Well, let’s face it, we all know how sitting in front of a blank computer screen, wishing for some source of inspiration feels like.

This one’s Disney’s most overlooked classics, commended by critics it finally gets the appraisal it deserves. Well, if you’re a big fan of Disney’s golden era or just simply want to delve into the beginning credits of the most successful and well-loved animation firm till date, then grab a copy and learn a thing or two from this timeless classic.

The word “epic”, has been played around with a lot, but in case of this collection, it’s a term that’s not going get wasted. If you take a look at the artist’s obsessively detailed work, you’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s hard to not get sucked in with passion for detail of this kind.

Seeley allows you to get fully absorbed in his process. There’s no way you won’t be amazed with his unique approach and how his dynamic compositions came about. From illustrating trading cards to large scale book illustrations using a variety of techniques, you can trace back the origin of a great legend.

This summer blockbuster did not in any way fall short of critics and fans raving. Along with it, the complimenting art book is also no less impressive. Being a cultural phenomenon, Mad Max is a source of inspiration for countless post-apocalyptic universes. Here you get to see how the original vision was re-created in the modern age. The book was written to reveal how the popular franchise was revived, the considerate use of special effects, creating a cinematic wonder had been thought to be all but lost.

The eyes of the dying obsessive and a great artist will take you on a mad journey in world literature, shown in a handsome tone. With the bulk of art books produced by Taschen, this reproduction of educated English, William Blake won’t invoke hernias.

Get ready for an unfettered deluge of nostalgia, if you miss those days when Drew Struzan and Co, illustrated your favorite movie blockbuster posters. Look no further, this book is dedicated to those long forgotten eyeball-grabbing video cassette case days. Don’t be surprised to see some gaudy, tacky and overblown art. But that doesn’t make the imagery any less iconic. If you’re among-st the many artists who are still harboring back to the 80’s their book covers, ads and more inspired by exploitation films, can take a look at the real deal.

Some fun ways to find video inspiration

There are endless number of ways to find inspiration on any given subject. Then why sometimes there seems to be a dearth or we often our minds blank when a task needs to be done? At several points in our lives all of us face the grueling task of creating content that’s both engaging and repeatable. Here are some awesome ways to find inspiration when your mind hits that blank spot.

When searching for creative ideas for video content, Google Keyword Planner can give you insight you may not have thought of considering. You can take forward these keywords by combining them into a list and multiply assorted keywords together. Even if you’re new to the world of advertising, finding fresh ideas for video content is often simplified by focusing keywords to specific niches.

The primary function of FAQ Fox is to accept keywords and a list of sites to dig for questions that often consumers have in mind. You can type in a few keywords and some popular related websites FAQ will provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can narrow down your search and focus your video content on those questions.

Inspiration might just come pouring with a look at some of the most popular blog posts based on the keywords. The most blogged topic can then assist you in finding ideas you need for your video content.

It may not seem that obvious at first, but guest content creators can often suggest innovative ideas and concepts you may have overlooked until now. It’s often a great idea to get a fresh perspective from a new source.

Ideas often strike at odd times. Keeping a track of them might be a good at times when you need inspiration and none seem to be found at that point. Simple ideas can be expanded further with our next inspiring tip.

Finding video content ideas is not that easy and can be a struggle. With mind maps you connect abstract thoughts and ideas and mold them into inspiration. Take a random idea or even a single word and expend on it in a visual way.

What better way to top off our list of 7 best ways to find video inspiration than with more videos. Research can give way to inspiring ideas that you may not have considered. This way you can also get an idea of the topics that have been explored to death.

3 Facts you should know about animated explainer videos

What is one of the hottest marketing tool? Explainer videos! They are being extensively published on conversion pages of websites. Companies use them at trade shows and also as pre-roll ads on YouTube. While it’s possible to make your own promotional corporate videos, there are several reasons why hiring a professional animation video company to write, produce and deliver your animated explainer videos. Remember a few points:

There are some companies that are so attached to their product or service that they cram a large number of details into their explainer videos. Explainer videos should serve the purpose of simplifying your brand’s message. Here’s a useful tip:

While it may not be your cup of tea to write your own script, you can be involved in the process of script creation process. You know your company and your customers the best. Nobody else knows it like you do. So if the animation video company you’ve approached to make your corporate videos says they’ll write your script without asking you to fill out a creative detail then maybe it’s not the best match.

Keep your message simple, as it’s the only way if you want your animated explainer videos to convert viewers into customers. And, the best time conversion time is between 60 to 90 seconds. So, trying to fit in each and every detail about your product or service is not going to help. Just make sure that your animated explainer video has a strong call-to-action in it. Just tell the viewers what your product is and how it will make their lives better. Simply give out information about how to make a purchase.

If you’re simply planning to post your video and not keep check of the views and clicks then you’re losing out on a huge opportunity to understand your leads better. What you can do is use Google URL and then add those comments inside your corporate videos and that way you will be able to see when people are clicking on your videos and when they are not. You can experiment with the landing page your video is placed in and gather metrics for each page. This data will prove most valuable to you as you’ll know exactly what your viewers find engaging and what attracts them to take action.

Create animated explainer videos that prove to be beneficial to your business in every aspect and not just because it’s a trendy thing to do. Understand well all the metrics involved and you’ll see why these videos are the best marketing tool around.