How an Infographic Design Adds to Social Selling!

The forefront of any business is the “sales” it makes. While other paraphernalia might be important to a business’ concern, the most important and highly critical criterion of a successful business is a number of sales it generates.

Sales processes have broken barriers and traditional channels of selling are now being complemented by “social selling”. What is this new buzzword that’s all over the place?

Social selling isn’t just kick-starting a sales process with social media tools like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it encompasses a much more important meaning. It aims at building a strong personal brand employing the usage of content shared across social platforms. Affirming brand image comes with telling powerful stories and growing social connections. Social selling is what drives the future of sales in the present day era and anchors the future of your business.


To answer the question asked earlier, social selling is the process that helps social buyers (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn followers) and turns them into customers. Selling is not just about the sellers now, it has now shifted focus to the requirements of the customers. Businesses are adopting a new model that relies more on customer empathy than one-dimensional selling.


An important catalyst in social selling is how you attract your audience members. Design usually plays a crucial role in adding that “pull”. That’s why companies consider infographic designs as the most common tool for driving more traffic to their website.


Infographics bear attention-grabbing content and are easily shareable, which has a positive influence on your customers’ purchase decisions. Infographics also boost the awareness of your brand, manifold! With the power of going viral, an infographic catapults your brand to the top and drives more visibility to it. In today’s competitive world, it can be rightly said that an infographic design with its visual panache adds more substance to your business, helping convert website visitors into long-term customers.


The selling power that an infographic bestows you with is unimaginably magnanimous, allowing you to showcase your brand and its offerings, thus adding more to your sales funnel!


What do you opt for? Explainer Videos or Tv Commercials?

Every time you go to an animation and designing company to attain enhanced marketing of your brand and product/service, there is always a question that arises in your mind. Video marketing offers a great deal of potential. But, on what basis is it determined that which mode of video marketing is more suitable in accordance to the brand and the product/service; Tv commercials or Explainer Videos?

Everyone watches television at least once in a day, this is a fact you can’t deny. Now, what do you do when whatsoever channel you’re watching, starts a commercial break? Do you watch the commercials? Do you switch between channels or just put the television at mute? Or do you go grab yourself some snacks from the kitchen in that duration? I’m pretty sure it’s the option with the snacks or switching the channel that will lure you in.

You understand? Most of the commercials are not even watched by the element of ‘choice. Television commercials are forced upon, unwanted advertisements. There is no area of surety confirming whether the target audience is watching the commercial or not. It always remains a mystery unless efficient feedback tactics are implied. Though, loopholes occur very often in analyzing the feedback data due to incomplete or inaccurate information. The duration of these television commercials is less in comparison to the explainer videos which ranges between 4-5 minutes and always has been an expensive area in video marketing.

On the other hand, explainer videos offer the audience the ‘option to choose’. Explainer videos are meant for explaining concepts, product benefits, services offered, product usage etc. Explainer videos aren’t forced upon the target audience to watch. They are uploaded on video-share friendly websites, other social networking websites, on their own websites, pretty much everywhere on the internet; which makes these explainer videos easily accessible to the audience and ultimately, lead generation starts to take place. People can watch the explainer video whenever they want, unlike television, sitting in front of the idiot box, watching things we don’t even like.

If you continue to be confused amongst which option to go for, there are several questions that we’ve prepared for you to help you clear your mind. The parameters to choose from are –

What kind of people do you want to target in relation to your brand/product/service?

What kind of message will you send out that you’re willing to convey?

How many resources are you willing to incorporate in your budget for video marketing?

Whether you want your target audience to watch the video repeatedly by choice or forcefully?

Depending upon the requirements, various businesses make explainers or TV Commercials are an integral part of their marketing strategy. Certain companies use both the styles of video marketing because they need to achieve marketing goals from both kinds.

You can visit pitchworx call us or reach us by e-mail to know more about animation, create impactful videos and its growing perks in digital marketing, especially video marketing.


Storyboards can be creative and a fun activity. Come, check it out!

Did you know that the high budgeted silent movies had storyboards too? Well, yes, they did but unfortunately, most of it was lost in the reduction of studio archives in 1970. The meaning of storyboard is as simple as the word. The structure of storyboards was constructed for pre-visualization of the motion pictures, animation, motion graphics. It is a graphical organizer in the form of illustrations and graphics which are placed in sequence for thorough understanding.

Storyboards help the animator and the director prepare the screenplay for the animated video. Deriving the camera angle shots at which the video should be composed makes it easier for the animator to combine all the graphics and illustrations altogether.

A thorough understanding of how to create storyboards will take you a step future to accomplish the desired result. Creation of storyboards is a multi-step process. Now how exactly do you create storyboards? It’s very simple, really.


There are plenty storyboard templates that Google offers. You can simply download it, print it out and voila! You don’t have to draw several squares on a blank sheet of paper. Now think of every square to be a video frame wherein every square denotes a different shot taking place. Now you can sketch it by hand or on the computer (if you haven’t taken the printout, obviously). Also, make sure to leaves spaces in between for penning down notes or lines from the script.


Below every picture, describe the scene by adding lines from the script that has to be spoken. You can also pen down notes about what is happening. Your storyboard should look like a replica of a comic book so the readers can gather a sense of what is happening in the video.


In the next step, you need to start making sketches inside the squares. It okay if you are not good at drawing. A bad sketch is always better than no drawing at all. You just have to visualize the scene and sketch it in the box. Just provide sufficient visuals so the concept of your story isn’t lost. You can also write down notes about the camera angles and movement or any other detail that will come in handy while production or post-production. Simple, isn’t it?

Happy Animating, folks!

How an Animated Explainer Video Credits Your Business

Whether you are a blooming startup, or a renowned company in the market, you have to lean your shoulder on animated explainer videos to supplement your business. Explainer videos are the latest effective tool that helps boost your business. With its vivacious nature of portraying the agenda of the company, explainer videos have become the recent favorites of most animated explainer video companies across the globe. These videos take the audience away from all those tedious long articles to a vibrant space where it become easy for the clients to comprehend the main agenda of their business. Let us now consider the benefits creating animated videos.


Animated videos with its vibrant features has the strong ability to grab the attention of the clients within the blink of an eye. It’s a proven fact that the human mind doesn’t recollect every bit of information forced upon their already pensive mood. But with the captivating images engraved within the animated explainer videos, it becomes easier to persuade the clients on the reliability of the product. The visually appealing images tend to trigger the emotions of the audience which help them relate to their problems and focus on the solution that the company is willing to offer through such videos.


There is a popular saying, “Words tends to be misinterpreted the way they are used.” Such misinterpretation of words is likely to lose clients and hence generate loss. In such a scenario, animated business videos can be of great help. With their unique, short and crisp script they tend find solidarity with clients more easily. Plus, they are also great time savers as they depict a problem and a solution within just 1-2 mins as compared to articles that might take hours.


Now that interest has been generated and the client has a clear idea about your way of business, they are likely to get interested in buying your services instantly. Kudos to you! Animated explainer videos also help video animation companies to keep track of which product or service is gaining popularity among the clients. They only need to display the number of views and shares, your video receives.


Who doesn’t want a simplified life! With the growing hustle and bustle of city lives, an animated explainer video can be a treat for both clients as well as business companies. With its vigorous and easy way of portraying problems and solutions away from those tough and unnecessary long articles, animated explainer videos have indeed simplified business and added a glow in it.


Who doesn’t want to be in the first page of Google as well as other search engines’? Tediously long articles and unnecessary information on websites scare away clients and hence they choose not to read it due to their protracted nature. This leads to poor ranking by Google. Animated explainer videos however, within few seconds or a minute provide more information as compared to loads of unnecessary information. It impresses the clients heavily. Such impression might raise a possibility of the video going viral through various social media platforms, thereby increasing popularity.

Apart from these above-mentioned benefits, there are so many others interlinked with these. Video animation companies with their lively content have been grabbing the attention of millions worldwide. So why wait? Get ready to get more clients. All you need is a solid and an engaging script that would add credit to your business.

Into the World of Animation, Graphics and VFX

Every time you watch an animated GIF or an animated character on television, making a fool of himself or others, doesn’t that lighten up your mood? I’ll take that as a yes! Since several years the animation companies in India has been reaching skies. An animation is a fast-developing sector that shows and holds potential for higher growth and a major role in the economy of M&E sector. As a matter of fact, according to the FICCI – KPMG report of 2015, Indian animation industry had generated revenues up to Rs.51.1 billion with the growth rate reaching 13.8%. The Indian Animation and VFX market keeps becoming bigger and better. In fact, in 2014, out of 10 movies that were nominated for the Oscar Awards, six of them had their VFX done in India.
Now that it is hard to overlook the success of animation in India, leading production houses like Reliance, are investing in the animation world, collaborating with the Indian filmmakers to create an animation that holds major mass appeal and serves entertainment to the local masses. In a report published by the Indian Express, it is mentioned that India is home to 300 animation studios, 40 visual effects, and 85 game development studios with over 15000 professionals employed. Animation content in the television sector crosses approximately 350 shows which signify the growth and consumption of the domestic market. The major portion of demand that arises for animation comes from feature film producers, game software producers, and advertising film producers.
The basic aim of an animation company is to lead the production industry of the corporate videos, animated explainer videos, television commercials, and motion graphics. There are several animation studios that are running on a larger scale, functioning with a larger number of professionals while others handle projects on a smaller scale. There are more than 300 animation studios with individuals working as professional animators. A business constantly wants to reinvent its approach to reach its potential clients. The main motive of a business is to explore its own unknown and unseen potential which could make it a success almost overnight.
These animated explainer videos tell us a story in the most colorful ways by retaining the sensitivity of the subject, also adding freshness to the viewer’s perception. A pleasing video with attractive color combinations having interesting characters who introduce situations to us in the most effective and entertaining manner by making us familiar with the benefits of the subject is what an animated explainer video is made up of. These types of videos are in demand as the upcoming years purely belong to the world of animation and graphics, which can multiply the revenue of a business in no time.
Slide by slide presentations has become so dull nowadays that half the people start swinging in their chairs while watching that dull presentation which lacks animation and visual attraction, just some text floating around. So, how do we save these poor fellows from the boredom of these slide by slide presentations? By the addition of animations in your business presentations. Yes, that’s right. You can enhance your business presentation game to whole new another level with the visual appeal and the sense of liveliness that animation and graphics hold. Animated presentations have an effective style of storytelling which holds onto the attention of the target audience, leaving a long-lasting impression. Videos increase the audience’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.
Now, imagine the impact of an animated explainer video on your audience! Animation presentation has playful quality in them which keeps your target audience relaxed, focused and involved in the presentation. Uploading these animated presentations and animated explainer videos on Social Media will help you in brand building as well as marketing your product/service amongst your target audience.
Whenever we hear the words ‘animation’ or ‘animated’, we feel lively. An animation is the magic potion to the eyes which are bored by the usual ways in which a business promotes its product or services.

How do Animated Videos Boost a Business

Whether it is kids, youth, parents or grandparents, who doesn’t like to watch animated videos? Everybody does, right? Animated videos bring a sense of life to the product. Video marketing has become one of the wittiest ways to obtain brand visibility. By sharing/uploading videos or animated explainer videos on several social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your product becomes more far reaching for the target audience, in the shorter span of time, which is amazing! These social media websites help a lot in product promotion and brand visibility.


Nowadays you see every marketer opting for animated explainer video in their campaigns. Ever wondered why? It’s simple, you see.

Marketing videos are essential marketing tools used by almost every company nowadays to enhance their business and promote their brand with efficient and effective relationship.


If you provide target audience with a video of a duration ranging between 2- 4 minutes on your website, it makes the visitor stay longer on your website which fetches more visitors by making those specific keywords boosts up on the search results.


Explainer videos also helps you generate your brand building status and brings your brand long term loyal customers.


We all are aware about how easily any video can go viral on the social media within a matter of minutes. Uploading animation explainer videos is the fastest way to boost brand recognition and become visible in the market of your target audience.


Also, when you use cute little adorable animation figures in animation videos, it increases engagement of the audience with the product/service/brand. Why does this happen? Because the animation in your video lightens up the mood of the audience making them relaxed, focused and more engaging in the contents of the video. It immediately creates an emotional bond with the viewer, building empathy and trust with your audience.


To boost up your business, animated explainer videos can be the most reliable and result generating option to choose. It will not only help in brand recognition but also, your sales graph will start rising high, you’ll have loyal audiences who will place their trust and loyalty in your brand and product/service.


So, what is it that you’re still waiting for? Boost your business, irrespective of the scale it functions on. Reach new heights and keep animating!

5 Predictions for the Future of Animated Marketing Videos

It’s no surprise that animated marketing videos offer one of the best ways to immediately engage website visitors. As a popular tool in digital marketing, video conserves a website visitor’s time and effort and allows startups to explain their supreme benefits quickly.

Are you still under the notion that affordable, top-quality computer-assisted animation is the thing of the future? Well, the future is now, and the following 5 tips are for anyone making their first animated marketing video.

Whiteboard animation is losing out its popularity… fast and how!

Whiteboard animation is becoming a thing of the past now. At some point in ancient history (somewhere in 2007), a man with a vision discovered the wonders of whiteboard videos. “It’s just drawing in front of a camera!” were the magic words. And not only is the technique easy, but the effect is often hypnotic. A well-done video captivates viewers as you take your idea from a blank whiteboard through growth, evolution, and finally a fully formed product ready to invest in.

But then that’s when the dip came.

There’s a problem with innovations… once a trend catches on, everybody starts doing it. In no time, there was a glut of derivative, lazy, knock-off explainer videos crowding out legitimate content. How long can the viewers see the same thing, especially when they are bad?

Tell us, do you remember the last time you saw a whiteboard animation go viral on a social media platform? Maybe, someday whiteboard animations will rise again. But definitely not today!

What’s on the rise? 3D Animation.

In place of whiteboards, let’s look into the future of animation. Animated videos made in 3D is both better-looking and more affordable than it’s ever been. It doesn’t require a Pixar product to tell a riveting story anymore. So 3D might be right for your video! Good news isn’t it!

Some business concepts work better for 3D video than others. Keeping up with the cartoony familiarity of the traditional animation and also with the stark detail of 3D makes the most sense for businesses with a physical product. Using 3D animation, you can create a lifelike prototype of your vision. Throughout the video, it interacts with other objects just like it would in real life.

How about creating different versions of the same video for different platforms?

Avoid making and paying for one single video, and then using that one video across all platforms. The scope of presenting the video to potential customers are endless, so don’t make the mistake of limiting it. To maximize your video’s effectiveness you need to tailor it to the platform it’s presented on.

Usually, the norm is that an animated explainer video posted on a website should be 60-120 seconds long. The video features details of a product in an interesting manner, and leave the customer with a complete understanding of how your business helps them.

But a long-form video is never going to get played on a social media platform like Facebook.

Facebook viewers are scrolling through a massive feed, catching up with their friends and family, seeing various other sponsored content, instead of focusing on your one video. So, maybe they just catch some valuable insight from you. So, today’s leading content producers on Facebook are creating short and sweet videos (30 seconds or less). They are perfect for conveying the core principles of their message.

To combat the barrier that Facebook auto-plays videos with the sound muted, these videos are created short, punchy lines to hook the viewers. The goal is to catch the attention of those distracted face bookers as they scroll down through the feed. Once they’re lured into the short video, they should want to click through to the longer presentation on your website for more info. The best part is, once you’ve made the first version of the video it takes minimal effort to edit versions specifically crafted to the various outlets they will stream on. With the help of a good videographer, you can edit down and rearrange the material he or she has already created until it’s ready to maximize its potential.

Design for Mobile Viewing

Now that we know folks at Facebook are distracted, you should also know most of them are watching on mobile devices (65% of Facebook video views are mobile). Your animated business video might be clear, catchy, and informative on a big screen, but how will a 6” diagonal smartphone handle it?

For a marketing video to work on mobile, the text needs to be big, bold and to the point. Avoid the use of complete sentences, each screen of text should have 3 to 5 words arranged in a clear way for common, average viewers with less-than-genius understanding level to get the point before you switch to the next idea.

Keep the imagery simple. No small movements. No action off in the corners of the screen. People want to understand your message intuitively.

Integrate elements from your video into other campaigns, there’s a lot of work involved in creating a powerful, dynamic animated character. So once you have a lively company mascot everybody loves, it only makes sense that you should get as much value as possible out of it.

Always keep an eye on the next big thing

The first part of the animated video production is always the most expensive. Once you created your character, decided on your voice, and solidified your message everything becomes a piece of cake! Keep rolling, keep inventing, and build on what you already have. Soon, your video marketing campaigns will be running successfully, all with a little more effort!