Create buzz for your brand, try animated explainer video

From marketers to business owners, everyone’s following the cool trend of making animated explainer videos for their brands. And why not? With the multiple benefits these videos provide, it’s come up as the best marketing tool in the online market. Gone are the days when making a marketing video required a huge budget and endless amount of time. These days not just big companies but even startups and medium budget businesses are also creating a whole lot of buzz with explainer videos.


Let’s just say that animated explainer videos do the job of popularizing your product or brand in the most engaging and entertaining way possible. A viewer who’s watching one is entertained at the same time getting informed about a product without being bored by reading an endless amount of text.


Still not too sure whether an explainer video is capable of generating the right buzz for your brand?

What is brand awareness? It simply means making people aware of a brand whenever or wherever they see your brand name or logo. Did you know different colors associate differently with brands and that’s how it gets stored in people’s minds? Using different color schemes for your explainer videos actually helps not only in brand recognition but the color combination gets associated with your brand. Don’t we all associate red and black with Coca-Cola?


You are making the explainer video, but for whom? For the audience right? Engage them in a way, win their trust and make them your loyalists. Don’t put information about your features directly on their faces, rather talk about them in a demure fashion. Pull out animated characters who are representatives of the audience. They’ll feel it’s them, their problems that they are seeing on screen. In short, the audience starts empathizing with your brand by watching your explainer videos.


The only way to get the undivided attention of the audience is by telling a story. It starts by writing a good script with characters who narrate the story. This is the most compelling way of engaging an audience. The story should revolve around the problems of the potential customers and by the end of the video, your brand should emerge as the hero or as a savior.


Pick the right characters for you animated videos that are fun and lively. Boring characters can do serious damage when it comes to branding as it makes the video dull with no life. Lively characters are quick in capturing attention as opposed to the ones that are boring. But the quality of the video is something that cannot be compromised with. Brand engagement and loyalty comes with explainer videos that are one of its kinds and have their own niche.


With Animated explainer video being in a rage, still, if you’re new and your business is new to this amazing concept then simply follow these few simple guidelines and ready to make it big and win brand recognition in no time.


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