Benefits Of 2d Over 3d Animation

2d animated videos

We all love animation, in fact, we have grown up watching them. Do you remember those days when as a kid, you wanted to be a part of the animated world? Well, thanks to technology, with the evolution of 3D animation services, this dream has become partially true! 2D animation process is different from that of 3D in terms of latest technology, which lets you connect and identify more with the animated world which wasn’t possible with the 2D animated videos. However, the rise of 3D animation services hasn’t affected the popularity of 2D animation. This traditional form of animation is still used in making most animated explainer videos by many corporate companies. Such is the aura of 2D animation! Let us now consider the unique qualities of 2D animated videos which make it still the most preferred choice in the area of animation.


We all are well acquainted with this thought and as a matter of fact, we trust it too. 2D animation services have been well tried and tested through ages and have been giving positive results every single time. Whatever the concept is, you can always rely on 2D animation services. The best part is that almost any animation services company offer 2D animation services.


Not everyone of us can bear the cost of harnessing the 3D technology. 2d animation process is simple, quicker and that’s the reason it comes with a comparatively low production cost. In 3D animated videos, it is mandatory to bring in lifelike characters into the animated videos to make it look more realistic. Such is not the case with 2d animation videos. It has its own style and hence comes with a comparatively lower production cost than 3D animation services.


What if an image in the animated video goes wrong for some reason? Or what if it simply doesn’t comply with the client’s needs? Then you might have to fix errors right? Well, let me tell you, fixing errors is always easy if you have produced a 2D animated video. You just need to redraw the error and you’re almost done!


You ought to take the help of 2D animation services, in case you are working on a really tight schedule. It takes less time in production as compared to 3D animation services. This is because there is no need of a third dimension in 2D animated videos. Also, 2D animation services do not have the pressure to create real-looking images like that of 3D animation services and hence they take less time in covering the production process.


All of us are wired in a way that we are bound to get attracted towards simplicity. An animated video should be simple and compelling. 3D animation service has no doubt given us many additional features which can make your video stunning. But not all videos need all of those 3D features. Sometimes more graphics and images tend to make the explainer video complex and hence may disrupt the entire message. So, if you are working on a complex project, you should reconsider using 3D and switch to 2D animation services.


As compared to 3D animation, it is easier to produce a 2D animated video. This is because of its less involvement of latest technology and software. Too much of advanced technology used in the 3D animated videos can make things a bit complex. But 2D animation services is known for its simplicity and hence easy from every angle.


While 3D animation process replicates the real world to create more lifelike animation, 2D animation process, on the other hand, offers more artistic freedom. You are free to depict strange actions with 2D animated videos and make your animation more compelling and fun.

Therefore, one might say that 2D animation process limits one’s choices. But let me tell you, this is not the case. It doesn’t limit one’s choice, instead, widens it. Because everyone can use it with ease. Its features such as simplicity, low production cost, less time consuming, easy error fixing capacity and the artistic freedom, makes it still the first choice of animators all over the world.


Evince Understanding of Your Customers’ Problems

In the digital world, if you really want to grab your customer’s attention through a business message – whether it’s through an animated explainer video, a Facebook post, a tv commercial or maybe an ad that appears right before you watch a video on YouTube – you have to prove them that you understand them. Viewers seek importance. They want to ensure the products they select will be the best choices and will actually help them in succeeding and solve their problems.


First of all, you need to have a clear understanding of how your products or service helps people. What problems can you solve for your customers? Once you nail this question, you’ll have a positive access point for communication with your customers and they’ll see how much you care for them.

Let’s say for example, you sell high-tech winter gloves that are so light and thin that they can fit in a pocket when not in use. Gloves are meant to keep anyone’s hands warm and so do yours but they do more than that. They allow people involved in outdoor activities keep their hands warm while they are out in the cold.

So here you’re not just selling gloves you’re selling warmth and convenience for those who spend time outside in cold temperatures. In addition to protecting your customers from frostbite, they’re lightweight so they don’t need to carry around bulky, unwieldly gloves everywhere they go.

Give some thought about your product or service in terms of ways that you can be of assistance to your customers in improving their lives. Then think outside of your products/services and think about your customers and who they are.


Instead of creating a generic advertisement that showcases all features of your product, what you can show your customers is how it will work for them. Let’s bring in the picture the example of high-performance gloves, you can use an animated explainer video or blog post to show how your gloves generate instant insulation to skin, so that the hands stay dry, warm and comfortable in any temperature.

Remember to design all the content of your explainer video in such a way that it highlights the solutions you’re offering for problems that your customers regularly face.


In order to become more effective and to really show your customers that you know them and care about them, you can go a step further. You can start a series of vlogs or blogs with meaty insights and tips for solving problems related to their interests. The more you show that you understand their problems and that you’re not just “selling”, products, the more you’ll capture or retain their attention or even “undivided”, if it’s your lucky day!

Ways to maximise the potential of your business presentation

Business presentations are a collateral reflection of who you are.  A glimpse of your personality could be seen in the ways and the content of your presentation.

The way you carry yourself, the way you speak, deliver your sentences, tackle tricky questions with confidence and successfully convey your message, speak volumes about your personality.

Still, there are much more ways in which you can support your business presentation to reach its maximum potential.


A positive way to keep your audience attentive to you is to show them that you are worth their time and trust. Rather than speaking about your achievements and future goals, speak about your credibility because if even little points will exist with which the crowd will not feel connected to then the tables will instantly turn.

Talk about your goals within the first few minutes of the presentation

Choose your presentation design which corresponds with your goals, which should be introduced to your audience as early as possible. This will help your audience to correlate what you are expressing with the ‘why’ and ‘what’ you want to achieve.

Never underestimate the impact of a powerful image/quote

A business presentation is usually a collection of fertile ideas, knit together as one to illustrate a larger picture. So, the smart use of different images/quotes to introduce different ideas will supply more power to your presentation. Vocalising the quotes or speaking few important words out loud will bring your presentation to life, especially if the presentation has numerous bar graphs, bullet points, and pie charts.


One of the unbeatable ways to make your presentation more interactive is to begin it with a question which you, yourself will answer. Like you can start with “I asked myself what all can my team will be able to do and contribution for making this project a success?’’. So, based on this question you can build up your presentation. Be alert to all the questions from your audience as they are icebergs of curiosity. The more you will suffice your audience, the stronger their trust will grow in you.

Be ready to tackle tough questions

Always be confident and logical at answering the questions from the audience. There will always be questions whose responses if given without solid facts and coherence, will put your image down in your crowd’s eyes. If you know your topic as well as you’re your audience, then always keep your business binary clean and do not ever shelve any question from the audience.


It could be a possibility that your audience is shy or somewhat hesitant to ask you questions about your presentations. Always remember, if you face this kind of a situation, then always compose a question to yourself because ‘zero curiosity’ turns into ‘zero interest’ overnight.

Take your crowd on a final journey

Always take your crowd on a final journey before you wrap up the presentation. Highlight all the important points and tell the crowd how they will be productive if given proper attention by the appropriate crowd.

Keeping the immense support in mind which we get from the PowerPoint presentations, one should also be able to support her/himself equally well during the closing moments of the presentation because humans invented the PowerPoint and not vice versa.

Animation Videos a Guaranteed Way to Boost Your Business Conversion Rate

Search ranks on any website determined by the number of visitors is one of the major reasons why online videos popularity is increasing by the day. Explainer videos have boomed in the recent years, making it a perfect marketing tool. Conversion rate optimization of your search ads, landing pages, and overall website design plays a key role to boost business.To put it more simplistically, the goal is to draw a highest possible percentage of visitors to your site.

When you think about conversion rate optimization, it’s tempting to fiddle around with buttons and forms and other design elements to make or break the sale by getting the right visitors to your site.

What better way to stir it up than videos?

According to surveys, people are more likely to buy a product once they see an explainer animation video. They help budding business owners keep a tally of how many visitors on their site can become potential customers.

Animation videos have an edge over any other strategy to boost Conversion rates! Here’s how:

A tailored video is an engaging way to captivate your audience immediately and tell them about your product or service. Whether the video is viewed on your landing page or on a streaming site or uploaded on one of your social sites, with the right content and style chances of retaining your key consumer’s multiplies.

Web browsers are swamped with information, and they will stop at only those that grab their attention. Animation videos give you that extra edge when targeting consumers. This approach makes you a stand out in hard-as-nails competition.

Static images or blobs of texts fail to conduct the core purpose of your product. Whereas, a product shown in a video gives customers a better idea if the product is suitable to their needs. This, in turn, alleviates anxiety, conclusively increasing conversion!

Not only are these videos likely to be entirely consumed retaining all the information, they are entertaining and highly impressive. Interesting animated videos are one of the most shareable types of online content making these videos most likely to go viral! The more creative, emotional, thought-provoking the video, higher the chances of conversion rates to hike several notches.

Apart from being an advertising tool, these animated videos help showcase a company’s  history and can come across as an educational video too. The customers can be more excited about your product when they know the motivation behind it or how it came to be. They also act as an excellent medium to tell your business’ story and communicate unequivocally with the audience!

So make an animated video now and clinch that extra edge in the market boosting your conversion rate all the way! Animation video definitely the Way To Go!

The importance of PowerPoint presentation in today’s marketplace

We are currently in a generation where ‘technology’ has become the middle name of every human being. Starting from baby products to landing on Mars, technology has spread its wings everywhere.

Now, from a business point of view, PowerPoint presentations have benefitted the most from the evolution of technology, as the utilization of technology has reflected on the betterment and impressive quality of the presentation designs of a business.

From the business point of view, one might just think twice about giving a presentation about the product or service the business is currently into, but there is much more to the presentation design than it meets the eye.


Be it a pleasant or dull one, first impressions leave a mark for long. Launching a new product or service on social media definitely, gains point but a great corporate presentation design, be it in a static or video form always engages the audience on a deeper level.


Innovative presentation designs (visual patterns) are something which remains with the viewer long after the audio has been heard by them through one ear and has been tuned out from another. Coming up with unique styles of introducing the latest baby of a business surely triggers the AIDA model (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) in a customer’s life.


PowerPoint presentations have been a boon throughout. They not only offer a platform to make awe inspiring demonstrations but also help a business to become highly competitive and strong in the market. E.g. A learning app, helps students to learn in a simplistic form through visual representations of data in a fascinating way.


Demonstrations of the business are something which takes a different level of analysis and skill to be presented to the viewer. To hone the skills of a business and further uplift its image in the market, corporate presentation designs should be adopted by every corporate house.


The message which the business wants to convey to the customers could be delivered faster along with a personal touch of customised design and flow of the presentation.

Just pick up any professional field and one is sure to witness the glaring importance of a captivating presentation design. Today, we are all in a generation where expressing ourselves in different ways has become a challenge as well as an excitement at the same time. This is when presentation design agencies also come to salvage.

In a cut throat competitive market, businesses look out for uncommon ways through which they can announce themselves in inventive ways.


PowerPoint presentations help people to creatively express themselves. Be it video presentation or static one, the impact of a presentation never fails to leave a mark on the audience.


PowerPoint presentations come to life when they are vocally explained by the presenter a little. This in return helps the presenter dexterous enough to answer the questions asked by the audience in a professional way which suffices their curiosity completely.


Long gone are the days of lengthy meetings where explaining every little thing required Herculean energy. Technology has cut the turmoil and several presentation design agencies have come to the rescue of the corporates so that they can give their presentations in a professional, pleasant and interactive way by adding background music, different formats of motion and visibility. This engages the viewer giving them the urge to sit through few more corporate presentations.

Thus, by attaining PowerPoint presentations, the businesses save time for both the presenter and for the listener by giving way to e-learning. In fact, the top-level managers use presentations during board and employee meetings which are a smooth way to put across valuable information to the workforce.

Why use custom infographic designs in your content driven marketing strategy?

We exist in an age of Big Data which means that there is more data than our brains can process. On an average we create close to 2 million videos, 1.5 billion pieces of textual/visual and close to 175 million tweets in a day! So how do we filter unwanted content from this huge pool of data that we create daily?


We are always attempting to organizing data most meaningful to us and making it accessible. How can we go about achieving it, in a way that makes data collation easy for people? It can be said that consuming information from the internet is akin to forcing your brain to ingest more information than it can process. So which is the easy way out to organize and curate data that makes consumption a tad bit less complex?

The answer to all the above-asked question is custom infographic designs; that helps organize data in a way that plays more on the “accessibility” quotient!

An infographic is a combination of text and graphic that presents textual information in a visual shorthand. It is a cohesive interplay of words, design, and images that helps simplify complex information in an easy to understand format! Employing an infographic is an essential component of content-driven digital marketing strategies! It narrates complex data in the form of a compelling visual story! An infographic plays data and graphical content in a way that attracts eyeballs, delivering your story in a way that makes it easy for people to make sense out of!

An infographic driven presentation sparks more interest from people than a presentation that is purely verbal/textual. Inserting an infographic in your PowerPoint presentation makes it 30 times more likely to be read as opposed to a purely textual one! The most popular search engine Google recorded close to a whopping 70,000 searches bearing the string “infographics(s)” alone in 2013! A test also reveals that people remember 3/4th of what they see or do compare with 20% of what they read. As attention span of people is on an all time low (less than 8 seconds), the use of graphically driven information becomes a necessity for brands to be seen and associated with!

People love a good story, which is why companies should resort to using infographics to show facts, figures and statistics! The human brain is hardwired to learning more out of visual content than purely textual content which is one reason why brands should focus on communication through infographics. Infographics are eyeball-grabbing and owing to their compelling nature, drive more traffic to your website! From a more business and branding point of view, an infographic drives more brand awareness, courtesy its potential to go viral! A website with an infographic ranks higher on Google search too!

The relevance of storyboards in animated explainer videos

The unfinished sketches or casual doodling as many call it, are in fact one of the most important stages of pre-production while making videos of any kind. It’s called the storyboard and is the next big step after script of the animated explainer video is finalized. It’s essential as it helps clients to have a visual idea of what’s going to happen in the video.

Storyboards are parts of all types of videos i.e; Motion Picture, Animation, Motion Graphics or Interactive Media. They first started being used by Walt Disney artists and since then are in use. The time taken to prepare a storyboard completely depends on how detailed oriented the artist wants it as it can be very time consuming or can even be done over a cup of coffee! But mostly, storyboards are kept simple and the detailing is done while the final graphics are prepared. Why it’s helpful is because you can see if the story plot or sequences planned for the animated explainer video is following the original expectation or not.

The process of story boarding is followed by ‘Animistic’. At this stage the images are put together in sequence for the viewer to get a better idea of how the video will look and feel with motion and timing.

The most important benefit of story boarding is it’s one of the very first stages in video creation, so there’s a lot of room for making changes. There’s full freedom for the concept artists to experiment and see what turns out and works to be the best.

It’s not a hidden fact that some scripts only look good on paper. Just as it goes into story boarding any mistake can be soon caught and remedied.

That’s the whole logic behind why storyboards are made in the first place. They bring out the areas of improvement such as scene balance, repetitive scenes, complex drawings etc. They also highlight some new opportunities followed by changes.

For a second, let’s imagine a world without storyboards. What would it be like? A writer hands over the script to the graphics artist who works on the final graphics and hands it over to the animator. The animator without any clue of animation starts animating. There’s a 110% chance the animation would turn out to be… let’s say… not satisfactory. Here’s the reason why : The writer writes the script imagining something, the graphic designer similarly imagines while making the drawing and the animator imagines something totally different while animating the animated explainer video.

While preparing the storyboard, all these major characters, the writer, graphic artists and animators all sit together and discuss their thoughts on the script. A very important step where everyone chips in their thoughts.

Storyboard facilitates good communication among’st the animated explainer video makers with very little room for misunderstanding in the working process.