How mickey mouse came to our lives with 2D character animation

We’ve grown up watching lovable cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Popeye the Sailor Man on TV! They were live characters, who talked and moved and interacted with us. But how many of us actually tried to push the envelope and explore the science behind those characters in those pure days?

How did they come to life? How were they so like us, they talked and walked and did what we do yet looked so different? For all those curious minds and every interested soul out there, 2D animation brought these characters to live.  Yes, several hours have gone into developing and spawning those unforgettable animated cartoon characters using 2D character animation.

Objects move and transform on screen in a two dimension set-up in 2D animation. It can be done by creating images applying traditional celluloid or in present times by using computerized animation soft wares. Back-to-back images are put in a sequence or “frames” creating the illusion of movement when each image comes after the next in gradual advancement of steps. Generally, these images are shown at the 24 frames per second or even faster for “befool” the eye into perceiving motion. A 2D character animation video or characters are created using this principle.

Never start drawing images without a clear plan in mind. Never!

Convey a clear message to your audience. Never leave them in doubt.

A good story is the backbone of animation. Even the best of tools and techniques goes for a toss without a backup of a strong storyboard.

A good understanding of motion principles, good drawing or pictures, and a good animation software.

What software to use for 2D animation

An animation software adds action and movement to fixed objects. Images that are vector drawn or bit mapped are mainly used by most of the soft wares.

Some of the leading Softwares around are:

Photoshop – Animation window may be hidden by default in Photoshop. So simply, click on the menu bar on top, go to Window Animation the animation panel can be seen.

Keep a few points in mind when you’re looking for a 2D Character Animation Software

An animation software should be easy to use and should consist of all necessary tools and provide solutions to all the queries that may arise while doing a project. Unless it’s packed with some other add-on facilities you may want to stick to, you might as well pass over the software devoid of necessary features.

A program with more features for all the independent, tech-savvy animators is preferred to others, not at par with it. Functionality and easy-to-use features go well with the pickiest lot.

When you’re doing animation exchange of files and saving of projects are things that happen regularly. Keep in mind that you don’t get a hard time doing this in the software of your choice. Options to import various types of files and saving of files in other file formats are featured to keep a keen eye on.

As it is animation is a time consuming, intricate process that requires a lot of detailing. An animation software should be easy-to-use for small changes regularly done in the whole animation process.

The right software will make your landing in the field of 2D character animation an easy and smooth ride! Have fun and explore this unique world with oodles of confidence to perhaps create beloved, memorable characters! And be with us for our next post on different types of 2D animation!


Tips to Make Your Website More Engaging


If you’re a business with an online presence, you probably know that one look at your website design and people will judge you within 2 seconds. Little scary thought isn’t it? It gets even scarier when you look at all the other websites online that took it easy when they were designing their sites. You are showcasing your shop on the Main Street. Make it enticing.

To take the load off you here are some tips:

Grab attention and make it visually appealing

Ok, that’s like two birds at one shot. Why? Because they go hand in hand. Your website needs to grab attention, or people will simply click away. With that fresh attention, you want to immediately brand your business and let it lock into the minds of your prospective customers.

Talented design and branded header graphics usually do the trick. Tell people who you are, and Why they should visit your site and give you their business.

Easy to find contact info (With strong call to action)

This is not a “duh” point. You’d be surprised to know that many business people make this conscious mistake with their website design. The primary reason for having a website is to get new leads and customers.

So why would you not give out your contact information? Place it at different spots (top, middle and bottom) and tell people what exactly they need to do “Call Now!”. “Email us Today!” etc.

Lead capture strong format

You see the truth is, once a visitor leaves your website, they’re gone for good. Your job as a business is to give them a strong reason to come back. Remind them they need to come back. The one and the only way to do that is to have your contact info to email was shown to them frequently. You can incorporate a strong lead capture form on your website.

Create such a design that grabs attention, compel them to enter their information. A good website designing company can help you do just that!

Social media involvement

Like it or not social media is the king of the internet right now. Social sites like Facebook are getting bigger day by day. People want to engage and when one sees that your content is being engaged and shared, it gives your business massive social proof.

Make it easy for the visitors to share your content with other social media icons. You can use a sidebar that allows them to see your level of engagement on different social media platforms.

Adaptive and responsive design (for mobile)

We’re living in a mobile world. 1 in 7 people are using mobile devices. 1 out of 4 searches takes place through mobile. Go out, take a look around and you’ll find EVERYONE has their head buried in their phone. However if your website has that funky look when someone visit from their mobile device, they will run for the hills.

What’s worse, surveys say that people would not share or recommend on a website that looks poorly designed on mobile. Responsive and adaptive website design simply makes your site look great on any platform.

Is your website missing any of these crucial elements? If the answer is ‘yes’ then, you might lose leads, customers and money. A professional website design company and make your website ideal in all these areas.

Look your professional best with powerpoint presentation design

Do you know the difference between a tailor-made suit and one you randomly bought of the rack? You can definitely go with the latter, but it won’t get you noticed and it won’t wow your audience. You’ve got to make an impression, what would you see yourself wearing?


The same thought process applies to custom-made PowerPoint presentation design and the run-of-the-mill, do-it-yourself variety. You may be well-versed in using bullet points, clip art, and stock photos, but is that really what you’re going to present when you’re pitching to a game-changing client?


The competition is tough out there and there may be ten or more presentations like yours going after the same money, bid, project or client. You want to be the one who ‘stands out’ right?


Great design automatically gives you an upper hand and show you as kind of person or person who goes that extra mile in business. Let’s look at 7 reasons why you need PowerPoint presentation design.


1: Your content may be the best and the most cutting-edge ideas, products or services, but if they are not presented in an amazing way they’ll fail to be amazing and neither will be memorable.


2. You don’t want to spend your precious time battling with PowerPoint and dealing with templates that don’t fit and aren’t set right, searching for perfect images or struggling to get your multimedia to work properly.


3. Usually, projects that are complex in nature, especially those that require more than one presentation are time-consuming. Each presentation requires adherence to brand guidelines while having its own distinct look. Professional PowerPoint presentation makers have the right skills cohesion to different sets of disparate presentations.


4. Effective multimedia is a better way of selling an idea that words alone can never achieve. And PowerPoint presentation experts seamlessly integrate into the latest in a video, audio and animation in the most effective way in a presentation.


5. A professional expert can help you wipe out the unessential, integrating the necessary information to be shown and presenting them in the most impressive way.


6. A great design will always make you look like you know what you’re doing; this helps a lot in building trust with your audience and they start trusting in you and your brand and it’s message.


7. Highly impressive, effective slides makes the job of a presenter very easy. It adds up to your confidence when you’re presenting great slides in front of the audience and that confidence will help you sell your idea.


Ask yourself: do I have the skills and the time to do it right? If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘I am not sure’ then maybe it’s time to give a professional PowerPoint designer or a studio a call!

Live Videos or Animated Explainer Videos? Take your Pick

Online videos are just everywhere. The whole dynamics of marketing has adapted and accepted videos with open arms. Stalwart competition today has opened gates of cutting-edge marketing technologies to reach out to a wide range of clients and customers. Gone are the days of old tried and tested methods of marketing.

More and more businesses hopping on the YouTube bandwagon, it’s all about selecting the right video type that represents your brand the best. And the two forms that excel in doing this are live video streams and the cool and animated explainer videos. Take note of a few factors to keep in mind before pinning down on a video format for your brand.

A Peek into the Industry

Before deciding the video style it’s imperative to consider the industry your business relates to. This lets you determine the level of creativity you need to put in order to be a stand out from your competitors. For instance, for a business proposition such as general contractors, a simple live video would work just fine. But when it comes to creative business concepts then grab attention with animated videos where creative skills can be showcased more.

Reap More Attention

As explained in the previous point, animated videos definitely come in the spotlight in garnering more attention from the audience. Due to interesting graphics, engaging voice gigs, animated videos are more popular with the new generation of online viewers. The complex marketing strategies of businesses today can be explained better with animated videos. However live videos can also gain momentum with techniques like engaging scripts and better editing software.

Culturally Fit

Keeping in mind the culture or sales path of your target audience, ask yourself a question. Which video format suits you best? A life or an animated video? If your potential customers are at a fresh stage of the sales path then animated videos can do the trick and identify their problems. Once this is done, then probably a live video can feature the detailed solution, a quick-fix or a DIY guide to troubleshooting.

With several cool explainer video styles, your decision should be based on your budget, nature of business and target audience. Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Make a wise choice.

How much content should be a part of your next animated explainer video?

The thought of taking up a new project, a brand new animated explainer video for a business is exciting! The energy of novice clients is contagious which keeps us spirited, the sole reason why we absolutely love kick-off meetings. It’s fun to get to know what they do and discuss the content they want to display in the video.

These meetings can go on for hours and are all about finding a way to distill the information that’ll fit into a conceivable video length.

But what is that perfect animated explainer video length?


30 seconds? A minute? 2 minutes? Well…. Let’s find out!

The bottom line of an ideal explainer video length is that it depends on various factors, with the amount of content being the foremost. Some video concepts tend to follow the same pattern. For example, in case of business video scripts, you’ll see a pattern of problem, solution, benefits, and call-to-action!

You can begin by asking a lot of questions during the intro of your video. The numerous benefits your product comprises could be talked about or touched upon thereafter! But yes, it has to be constantly kept in mind that an animated explainer video script is not a narrative so sometime to punch up the flavor of the script is an imperative.

Go on and read the following three tips to help you avoid saying too much or saying too little in your next explainer video.

Write down a video mission statement

Animated explainer videos always help accomplish one goal, not several, and your’s should not be any different. We know that these videos cost a lot, but the message spread should be strong enough to engage all the viewers or potential customers.

When our clients are provided with a brief, they are advised to crunch the mission of the video into one, short sentence. This is really helpful when making a draft of the script and make sure that everything in the narration is moving towards achieving that one goal. This way it’s simpler to identify and do away with the extra fluff.

Know your audience well

Have you identified a target audience? Do not try to appeal everyone with your animated explainer video! Even if your product is universal and can be used at an enterprise company and a university, try not to address both as your message may lose out its impact.

Also, don’t just appeal to ‘business people’. The use of adjectives and descriptors is what keeps the interest alive. Like maybe a job title, age range, or you may even give them a name. Your target audience already has a lot of knowledge about your content, so imagine how beneficial that may be for your product or business.

This determines how much explaining and educating you’ll need to do!

Decide a spot to place the video

Lastly, you need to find a spot to place your animated explainer video. It can be seen in multiple pockets of the web, but amidst all, there are a few popular channels where’s people watch videos the most!

How do you decide where to find the location? Simply by finding out whether the video is being pushed out to the consumers or whether they are choosing to watch it themselves.

The last words, that we are going to leave with is a simple mantra that says, ‘Keep it short, the shorter the better!’

5 Predictions for animated marketing videos in 2017

Explainer video should be a part of your next marketing strategy as it reaches is kickass. There’s no way you can engage website visitors better and increase click-through rates.

Because of their growing popularity in digital marketing campaigns, the future of these videos looks bright. But just putting a lot of creativity in video creation is not enough. The world of digital marketing is demanding in terms of freshness and changes in the way the videos are marketed.

Based on this, we’ve made the following predictions for you to keep in mind churn out the best explainer videos in the year 2017.

1. Whiteboard animation is no more popular:

Whiteboard animation was once a very popular, with it is innovativeness and freshness lent to regular Explainer video. The whole idea of a blank whiteboard transforming, growing and evolving into a fully formed product was fascinating and unique. But then, every innovation has a shelf-life. Like any other trend, everybody started doing whiteboard animation. There’s always a caution that comes with this style. If it’s a badly done one then it can cost a lot to your brand and product. And to be truthful, viewers are tired and there’s no single viral whiteboard explainer video that has gone viral recently… let’s hope we see them rise again.

2. 3D – The new way to go:

The future of animation looks capsule in 3D. Due to the rise in demand for explainer video services, 3D has become both better looking and affordable than ever before. Some of the business concepts only look good in 3D than others. 3D animation helps you create a lifelike prototype of your vision. Its strength lies in how Throughout the video you’ll see every object interacts with others just like it would in real life. Any product can come alive with 3D animation. This gives a preview to the viewers what the product is all about before it exists in real life.

3. Make changes in a video based on different platforms:

It’s not a good idea to create a single video and use it across all online platforms. Here’s why… users are served in different ways in each of these online platforms. For instance, on your website, your best explainer video can be 60-120 seconds, or even more. But when we talk about a more popular online platform like Facebook, the focus of the user is not constricted to your video alone, but on 10 different things on his feed. So, to maximize your video’s effectiveness, tailor it to the platform it’s showcased on. Some explainer video companies understand well and hence create short and sweet videos for various online platforms. These short videos immediately convey the core message to their audiences.

4. Mobile-friendly design:

Today most of the online viewers are using mobile devices. So, while creating an animated explainer video, this has to be taken into account. You may have an engaging, informative video, but if it fails to create the same impression on the smartphone, you have lost a major chunk of the audience! For the mobile version, The text of the video needs to be big, bold, and to the point. Text heavy video does not work at all, each screen of text should have 3 to 5 words arranged in a clear way.

5. Use elements from your video in other campaigns:

If you have created an animation explainer video with a character that represents your brand, you can also use the same for other marketing campaigns to get as much value out of it as possible. The mascot can be used for presentations and other marketing collaterals. This will greatly help your customers identify your brand easily and it’s campaigning.

To sum up we can say that you should definitely incorporate animated marketing videos to your upcoming marketing strategy in 2017. PitchWorx specializes in producing high converting explainer videos for business and help you cut through the clutter.

Best 3 ways to pick right color schemes for Custom Infographic Design

What’s the number one mistake of all the mistakes that designers today tend to make: Well, it’s adding too many colors.

To avoid this using more shades is most advisable. Here’s how you can do that.


a bruise on the arm may be bluish black or blackish blue! If the color of an orange is orange then what is the color of a carrot?

It’s all about the vast spectrum of uncertainty, subjectivity, and perception when it comes to selecting colors for art and design. Through this post, we seek to provide some sort of order to the chaos and some defined form to conduct you in picking colors and creating color schemes for your Custom Infographic Design.

Subjective as the subject itself may be, it’s the universal truth that colors affect moods, perceptions and add structure to our content. This claim is well-backed with tons of psychological research. Hence, choosing the right color scheme is necessary to enhance the effectiveness of the message that is to be put across.

Remember, though, like all things beautiful there’s a thin line between having an array of colors that would be a sight for the eyes and using too many colors that would actually give sore eyes. As we move ahead, we’ll provide some cool tips and tricks and best practices to achieve the former rather than the latter.

Keep in mind the following general rules before moving on to the meatier details:

When the temptation arises to add more colors, don’t give in – use more shades instead.

Provide generous amount of white space that is soothing to the eyes.

Now, that we’ve set the foundation, let’s talk about three ways to pick the perfect color scheme for your Infographics design service.

Stick to your company branding

if you’re creating Infographics design for work, one of the best and safest ways to choose color scheme is to stick to the color guidelines of our Infographics design company or brand. In most cases, this is not even a matter of choice!

Use the primary color as a base and you can use complementing colors to match.

Choice of complimentary colors

for this, you’ll require an easy-to-use generator. There are many online tools you can use to generate theme colors.


if you’re not sure which color scheme to choose, you can work with shades. Various online tools where you can play with “lightening the scheme”, or “darkening the scheme”, pick a few color codes in different shades and preserve it for future use.

Color scheme based on company logo

Choosing colors by company logo works best when used for branding Infographics. Using company colors will further strengthen your brand awareness.


Sometimes subject can be used to determine the best color for Infographics. For instance, if your Infographics is about coffee, then shades of coffee along with its complementing colors can be used.

Or you can go for colors based on the objects that are part of the Infographics to make it more meaningful. This makes the information on the Infographics very easy to consume and comprehend.

Colors instantly highlight the context and facilitate visual perception. So, selecting a color scheme to match your content is like giving more context to it.


Another cool way of selecting color schemes is just to draw inspiration from the array colors of nature e.g. the colors of seasons, i.e.; trees, sea, sky etc. because, there is a lesser chance of going wrong with the colors of nature.

With these 3 useful tips, you are on the right road to creating Infographics that makes it easier to comprehend the message you want to convey and thus, making your work highly effective.